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Jeffersonville Carpet Cleaning Company

Jeffersonville, IN

When it comes to cleaning your carpets properly, our Jeffersonville carpet cleaning experts can handle the job quickly. Having your carpets cleaned professionally a couple of times a year can save you both time and money. In addition, it will give you added peace of mind knowing that your family's health is safe from lingering dirt, germs, and bacteria that can invade our carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning may cost a little more than running the vacuum across the floor, but it is worth it in regards to the way that it will make you feel about your home. Not only can Advanced Carpet Cleaning make your carpet look like new again, but they can also save you from the added expense of having to replace your carpets early on.

Jeffersonville Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood flooring is always a popular choice with both homeowners and commercial property owners in the Jeffersonville area of Kentucky, to name a few. Hardwood floors offer durability, beautiful design and easy maintenance, making wood floors a great choice for any flooring project. Whether you want us to clean wood floors that are unique, old-world sort of charm and class, you are certain to find what you are looking for when you choose Advanced Carpet Cleaning, the Jeffersonville hardwood floor cleaning experts.

Jeffersonville Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service in Jeffersonville uses the best cleaning technicians who have the necessary equipment that will keep your carpets and upholstery not just clean but free of bacteria. Advanced Carpet Cleaning meets all environmental standards and you can rest assured that the cleaning aids that we use for all carpet and furniture cleaning are chemical free and safe.

Jeffersonville Tile and Grout Cleaning

One of the toughest things to keep clean is the tile and grout that you have throughout your home. Using the traditional method of a brush and some bleach or any other chemical could take hours upon hours to do and you may not end up with the desired result you were looking for. The key to successful Jeffersonville grout cleaning is making sure you are using the right tools for the job. Here at Advanced Carpet Cleaning we provide the best trained Jeffersonville tile and grout cleaning experts money can buy.

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