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Crestwood Carpet Cleaning Company

Crestwood, KY

There are not a lot of people that really enjoy housework, however for most folks keeping the house clean on a regular basis can become a tedious endeavor that is very time-consuming. In this day and age, many of us have much better things to do with our time, and there is often not enough time in the day to get everything done. Few homeowners pay as much attention to the cleaning of their floors anymore than is often necessary. Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious house cleaning tasks there is. Don't hire just anyone in Crestwood who may offer to clean your carpets. Only hire a trained and trusted professional carpet cleaner like us here at Advanced Carpet Cleaning.

Crestwood Hardwood Cleaning

Advanced Carpet Cleaning offers quality hardwood floor cleaning for any floors made by Lauzun, Somerset, Bruce, Mannington, Expama, and many other trusted names. Hardwood floor cleaning is offered at the lowest possible price for our Crestwood floor cleaning customers.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning offers cleaning and refinishing for many species of hardwood in both 3/4” solid, and engineered. We have domestic woods such as Red Oak, Birch, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut, and imported hardwoods such as Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany and many others. We can also clean green wood flooring products including Lyputs and Bamboo.

Crestwood Upholstery Cleaning

Naturally, the quality of air in your Crestwood home should be as good as possible, because it can play a big part in keeping your carpeting and furniture upholstery clean and maintained in your home. Just like carpet, furniture accumulates dirt, grime and dust particles, along with the odd stain caused by food and drink spillage. As a result, people living in your home can generate health problems such as allergies and breathing problems because of unhygienic furniture. Give Advanced Carpet Cleaning a call today for a free estimate and consultation on upholstery cleaning services.

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