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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean All Year Long

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean All Year Long

Warm weather is on it's way! That means it's time to get caught up on your spring cleaning. This always begins by giving your hardwood floors an in-depth cleaning in order to restore their lush finish. As with many other items in your home, hardwood floors need special care that is different than just a standard cleaning. It's important to make sure that you employ methods that work without damaging the surface. So before you pull out that mop & generic cleanser, here are some tips to help you keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful all year long!

Hire A Hardwood Floor Cleaning Professional

You've heard all the arguments, but the results speak for themselves. Nothing can replace a thorough cleaning from an experienced professional. Sure, you'll invest a little more for professional hardwood floor cleaning service, but you'll also get the kind of results that a DIY just can't seem to deliver. You can either waste money on cleaning supplies and equipment and still end up frustrated, or you can hire a company that knows what they're doing no matter what type of wood flooring you have. They have both the expertise and the advanced equipment necessary to perform any job in a timely manner while restoring your floors back to their natural beauty!

Never Use Water

It's common knowledge that hardwood and water don't mix. The reason for this is that wood absorbs water, which, in turn, causes the wood to warp and lose it's finish. It's not long before hardwood will deteriorate beyond repair. Although many homeowners understand this, what's often misunderstood is that seasoned wood or wood that has been treated with sealant are also very vulnerable. There are special cleansers on the market today that can take care of almost any stain or dirt on your hardwood without using water. So think twice before you apply water to any wood surface.

Proper Vacuum Cleaner Usage

Like water, vacuum cleaners can also damage hardwood flooring. Vacuum heads are capable of making noticeable dents and scratches that become an eyesore across the floor. So if you want to use a vacuum cleaner that works, then get one that has either a brush or felt head. Avoid hard plastic and metal heads at all costs! Another great option available on the market today is a microfiber dusting pad. Many of these modern wonders have a fringe around the edge that will trap dirt and debris without harming the floor whatsoever.

Learn Your Wood Floor

One common misconception for many homeowners is that all hardwood flooring is the same. In a wide generic sense, this is true, but if you look down beneath the surface you'll find a very different story. So the best thing you can do before having your floors professionally clean is to find out the best treatment for your hardwood floors. There are several resources for this: your installer, a professional cleaning company, online resources and a hardwood dealer can all help you discover the best care and maintenance for your hardwood floors. The more you know, the more you can keep your hardwood flooring looking amazing throughout the year!

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